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PB - Southern Blend - Fully Washed


The Cup: Sweet and tart with herbal, praline, and citrus flavors.
Process Washed
Variety Blue Mountain, Bourbon, Kilimanjaro, and Luwiro
Elevation 1200-1900 MASL
Country Tanzania
Harvest South Tanzania: May–September, North Tanzania: July–November



Note that Fully Washed coffees from Tanzania are put through a fermentation process, while Washed coffees are typically mechanically demucilaged. Fully Washed lots are typically depulped the same day they're harvested, then fermented in cement tanks for anywhere from 24–72 hours. They are then washed clean of mucilage and sorted through water channels before being spread on raised beds to dry, or dried in mechanical driers. Sometimes they are given a 8–12-hour post-washing soak before they are dried