Decaf Sumatra

Decaf Sumatra

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Many of the islands of Indonesia were formed by volcanoes and still benefit from soil that's rich in volcanic ash and ideal for growing coffee. It's no wonder that some of the world’s most famous coffees are grown on the islands of the Malay Archipelago of Indonesia: Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java.


Growing Altitude : 1,350-1,550 m.a.s.l

Arabica Variety : Catimor, Typica

Harvest Period : March-July

Milling Process : Giling Basah (wet-hulled), sundried

Aroma : Sweet

Flavor : Balanced, sweet tobacco, winey, spicy, chocolate

Body : Medium body

Acidity : Light acidity


Cupping profile : Strong notes of cedar, sweet tobacco, chocolate and spices; winey acidity, consistent and balanced.