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New Coffee & Espresso Shop Detroit MI

New Coffee & Espresso Shop Detroit MI


The New, Unique Coffee Shop in Detroit

Stop whatever you’re doing and get ready for the most unique and exciting coffee shop to hit the streets of Detroit MI. Introducing Lucky Detroit, a one-of-a-kind cafe that offers an experience unlike any other. Step inside and find yourself surrounded by beautiful art, amazing music, and an atmosphere you won’t soon forget. Here’s why you should check it out!


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A Different Kind of Cafe Experience
At Lucky Detroit, our goal is to provide a truly special experience for all of our customers. From the moment you enter our doors until the moment you leave, we want to make sure that your time here is unlike any other cafe experience. That’s why we have carefully curated everything from our decor to our menu items. Every detail matters to us and we strive to give each of our customers something unique and special that they can’t find anywhere else.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee or Espresso Every Time
When it comes to coffee and espresso, we take things seriously here at Lucky Detroit. We understand that everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect cup so we strive to accommodate those preferences as best as possible. Whether you like your coffee black or with cream and sugar, light or dark roast, hot or cold—we have something for everyone. Our baristas are highly trained professionals who know how to craft the perfect cup every single time so don’t hesitate to ask questions if there’s something specific you want!

Highly Experienced Baristas Who Love What They Do
Our baristas are some of the most experienced professionals in the business. They love what they do and it shows in their enthusiasm for crafting delicious drinks every single day! Not only do they take great pride in making sure each customer is happy with their drink but they also enjoy getting to know people from all walks of life who come through our doors each day. We believe this makes us stand out from other coffee shops because we go above and beyond when it comes to customer service!


Find a new coffee shop in Detroit MI.


If you’re looking for a truly unique coffee shop experience in Detroit MI then look no further than Lucky Detroit! Our experienced baristas craft quality drinks every single time while providing unparalleled customer service that you won't find anywhere else. Plus, with our cozy atmosphere filled with beautiful art and music, we guarantee that your experience at Lucky Detroit will be one that's unforgettable! So what are you waiting for? Come on down today and see why Lucky Detroit is quickly becoming everyone's favorite spot in town!

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