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Lucky Detroit Coffee – The Best Cup of Joe in the City!

Lucky Detroit Coffee – The Best Cup of Joe in the City!

If you love coffee, then look no further than Lucky Detroit Coffee. This award-winning coffee shop located near Royal Oak, Michigan serves up the best cup of joe around. Not to mention, their coffee is used in some of the top companies in Detroit! Let’s take a closer look at why Lucky Detroit is the go-to spot for your morning cup of espresso.

Quality You Can Taste
At Lucky Detroit, they pride themselves on quality and consistency. All of their coffees are locally roasted and freshly ground in house. They also offer pour overs, French press, and espresso drinks – all made with premium beans from across the globe. What makes their coffee unique? All of it is crafted by hand with a single origin roast called “Lucky Detroit Royal Oak”. You can’t find this anywhere else because it's only available at Lucky Detroit! Click here to check out our various locations.

Brewed with Love
The folks at Lucky Detroit are passionate about what they do and strive to make every cup better than the last. That’s why they take extra care to ensure that each one is brewed just right. From grinding the beans to pouring that perfect shot, their baristas treat each cup with respect so that you get an amazing experience every time you visit Lucky Detroit.

Award Winning Coffee
It’s not just locals who have fallen in love with Lucky Detroit Coffee; industry experts have recognized their excellence as well. So if you’re looking for a truly special cup of joe, you know where to find it – right here at Lucky Detroit Coffee in Royal Oak MI!

Coffee lovers rejoice - there is finally an award winning coffee shop that has all your favorite brews available right here in Royal Oak MI! At Lucky Detroit Coffee, they use only the freshest beans and craft them into an unforgettable blend known as “Lucky Detroit Royal Oak” that cannot be found anywhere else. Stop by today and see why this local favorite has won gold medals for its excellent brews - you won't be disappointed! So come on down to Lucky Detroit coffee today for your next great cup of coffee!


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