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Espresso Near Me West Bloomfield

Espresso Shop Near Me West Bloomfield Mi

If you are looking for the best Coffee Shop Near Me stop in and check us out in Birmingham Mi. Here at Lucky Detroit Coffee Co Birmingham Mi, coffee isn’t just a drink that gets you going in the morning, it’s an experience. When you brew a pot of our coffee, we want you to have the best coffee experience you’ve ever had. We only roast our carefully selected beans to an exact perfection in small batches to ensure that you only get the freshest coffee. The care we give to each of those small batches roasts is evidenced through the rich, full bodied and exceptionally smooth taste you’ll get out of every cup you drink.

Espresso shop West Bloomfield

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Stop in today for the best specialty, hand-made drinks and a great coffee shop experience. All of the coffee shop locations are hand decorated and vintage inspired.

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