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Best Michigan Coffee Shop- Birmingham MI

Best Michigan Coffee Shop- Birmingham MI


The Best Michigan Coffee Shop in Birmingham, Michigan


If you are looking for the best coffee shop in Birmingham, Michigan, look no further than Lucky Detroit. Whether you need a strong cup of espresso to kickstart your day or a calming latte to get you through the afternoon slump, Lucky Detroit has something for everyone. This charming cafe offers an array of delicious drinks and snacks and is the perfect spot to relax and recharge. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Lucky Detroit so special.

Coffee and Espresso Drinks Near Birmingham MI


A Charming Atmosphere
The first thing that will strike you about this cafe is its cozy atmosphere. Each location is decorated with hand-picked vintage finds. From the inviting walls in warm colors to the comfy chairs and tables scattered throughout the space, it’s easy to see why this place is so beloved by locals.

A Wide Selection of Drinks
When it comes to beverages, Lucky Detroit has something for everyone. They offer classic espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and more. 

Delicious Snacks
In addition to their amazing drinks selection, customers can also indulge in delicious snacks at Lucky Detroit. Their menu includes an array of freshly baked goods like cookies and muffins. They also have vegan options available if you are looking for something plant-based. All these treats pair perfectly with whichever drink you choose – so don’t be afraid to indulge!


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Whether you live nearby or just passing through town on vacation, be sure to check out Lucky Detroit next time you need your caffeine fix! With its cozy atmosphere and delicious selection of drinks and snacks, this cafe is sure to please everyone who walks through its doors – coffee lovers included! So come on down today and experience what makes this Birmingham gem so special – we guarantee it won’t disappoint!

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